Can social media help your business?


In a nutshell - yes. Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and many others can definitely help your business  get  more online visibility. I don't believe a plumber is going to get much business directly from a Facebook Page, but the search engines, Google included, index these pages and in many instances a Facebook Page will have very high rankings in search results. One of my clients currently holds the number one listing on Google Search Results with a their Facebook Page, the number two listing is their website.

seo social media





Social Media is indexed by Google


Social Media is free or inexpensive


Blogs can make you the industry expert


Facebook Pages can link to your website


YouTube Videos are indexed by Google


Social Media can give you more visibility


As with all online endeavors it does pay to have an expert set up your Social Media. Facebook Pages, YouTube Videos, and Blogs can all be keyworded and titled properly so that you can have multiple avenues for potential customers to find your business. For a free consultation call or email Taylored Web Results today.