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There are many factors to proper SEO. The first is to determine the correct keywords or search phrases that will deliver the most traffic to your online properties (websites, blogs, social media, directories). Our SEO service begins with  researching the search query history for your industry to determine what potential customers in your market area are typing in search bars.  Often the general public 's vocabulary differs from the vocabulary used by those in your business. For instance which search term is used most by the general  public when searching for a company to service a furnace? Heating and cooling or heating and air conditioning or hvac?  Does  it differ depending on what part of the country you live in?  SEO should begin with keyword research for a given market and dialect.

Once those most frequently searched keywords have been identified then we  add a geographical reference such as Toledo or any other market you're targeting and now we have a keyword list for SEO purposes. The search engines want to give relevant, local, results. If I live in Toledo and I'm searching for a dentist I don't want to see results for dentists in New York, I want to see a list of Toledo results. Additionally even though the search engines will give me thousands of results I'm much more likely to choose a business that's listed in the first 3 pages. If your business isn't listed in the top 30 results (3 pages) then you are basically invisible to the most profitable market out there - those looking and ready to make a purchasing decision. Exposure to those people in the buying process, those actively searching for a company to do business with, should be the priority earmark for marketing & advertising budgets.


Which search phrases do you want to be visible to?        How many times are they searched annually?

Which keywords are your competitors targeting?            How many of the first 10 results can you have?


We can answer these questions!

If your website isn't ranked high for your relevant keywords then your online marketing plan is weak. Search Engines  are your first  targets for website traffic. Social Media, links, and other online properties are also a  must .  For a free, thorough review of your SEO needs please call us today at  419-514-7711 or shoot us an email.  We would really enjoy the opportunity to speak with you and give you a free evaluation of your website's visibility.


Mike Taylor